Ballar Redoak

Hill dwarf cleric of Ulladora looking to regain his clan's stature


Ballar has emerald green eyes, light brown skin and reddish gold hair (and beard). He wears a chain mail and carries a warhammer and shield with the rising sun symbol of Ulladora on it. He won’t wear a helm at all until he finds Aorick’s Crown.


He rises before dawn for morning prayers and keeps a strict schedule. Ballar see omens in anything and everything. “The gods are always speaking. We just need listen.”

Despite his religious devotion, he heartily enjoys fine food and drink. The only thing he enjoys more than a tall pint of frothy ale is the glint of a diamond.

He is supsicious of strangers, especially if they are kind to him.


Part of a once mighty merchant clan in Dorduum Hold that was sent to begin trade with the Ordsirri. Something happened during the expedition and they were slaughtered and diplomacy between the dwarves and the plains elves ended. His clan was humiliated, fell from grace and was exiled from the hold to live as hill dwarves in a settlement not far from Noramar called Abrum’s Rest.

Seal of Clan Redoak

He thinks recovering Dorduum Hold’s famed and recently stolen magical helmet called Aorick’s Crown will help restore his clan to glory, so he has since left Abrum’s Rest to hang around port cities because that’s where fences and traders frequent who may have heard of the relic’s whereabouts. He hires himself out as chief of security for merchant houses and has been in Noramar for a few years.

Unsurprisingly he does not like elves, but begrudgingly accepts the reality that he has to do business with them. Diamonds and brewing are his passions.

He wonders if the Ordsirri have really returned…

Faith and tradition are the cornerstones of his personality. He would die to recover Aorick’s Crown and has vowed to restore Redoak to its former glory. His obsession with Aorick’s Crown and the Redoak restoration sometimes blind him to a bigger picture.

Ballar Redoak

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