Aelen Meliamne

Elf wizard


Carrying a great staff, Aelen’s heirloom leather armor doesn’t quite fit right, creating a sense of unease as he goes on this important diplomatic mission.



Hailing from the “Oakenheel” family of Idosker, Aelen was sent to Ilasha Lincrow‘s funeral to make sure that their newly minted trade relationship still stands with Ilasha’s two daughters, Tamare Lincrow and Sera Lincrow. While it was his first time sent on a social mission (previously burying his head in arcane texts and magical studies), he is curious about the return of the Ordsirri. The Meliamne family worships Grimwic, lord of knowledge, and it has brought them great financial and social success, although his family isn’t quite one of great means they are worried about making their “big break” last longer than a single Lincrow.

Aelen Meliamne

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